(soprano, flute and piano – 4:45)


Performers: Dr. Catherine Verrilli and Dr. Melissa Krause, SCSU faculty.

Triptych in Miniature (soprano, flute and piano) was written in 2009 for a performance at SCSU’s annual

Her Story~Her Song concert.


Rolling along while the wind styles her hair.

The car sings in the desert

Ah! This must be Heaven.

Soaring cloudless skies

A glass of water

She can drink them both!

The night sky is prurient and wise

casting its winking glances.

Day-baked car and the girl,

who’s only half awake,

sleepily winks back

at the people-less sky.

Ah! This must be Heaven.

Soft velvet blanket

the humming Earth all around her.

She sleeps, loved by the stars.

The peach, lavender morning

opens its eyes and begins to bake the day.

The girl awakens, brand new,

in a gesture of stretching

and inhaling the freedom of the big sky.

Off she goes, into the sunrise,

divining the next piece of Heaven.

~Catherine Verrilli